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Poker Chips

Poker Tournament Hall of Fame

Life’s Angels holds an annual poker tournament fundraiser. This group represents the talented and lucky few who finished first in our annual poker tournament, winning a coveted entry into the World Series Of Poker Tournament held in Las Vegas, worth $10,000.

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well.”
~ Jack London


2024 Winner - Jarrett Behar

Greg Roddock - 2021 Winner

2021 Winner - Greg Reddock



We held the tournament online in 2020 due to covid.  There was a tie for first place between our board member Glenn Fleischman, aka Maestro, and Frank Williams.

David Moll - 2019 Winner

2019 Winner - David Moll

Ken Jacoby - 2018 Winner

2018 Winner - Ken Jacoby

Ken Barkoff - 2017 Winner

2017 Winner - Ken Barkoff

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