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The Volpe Family

Bernadette & Albert’s son Carsyn is 14 years old with stage 4 neuroblastoma (cancer of the neuro system). He needs 25 pills per day at a cost of $1,500 per year in copays. In 2020, he lost sight in his right eye while playing baseball. He also suffers from hearing loss. He has had surgeries on his hip, knees, and spine. His esophagus has been damaged, so he can eat only certain types of food. Twice a month, his parents need to travel to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for transfusions and treatment for Carsyn. These are overnight stays, sometimes for two overnights. The costs of the gas, tolls, hotel stays, and food are not covered by insurance. Carsyn had attempted some stem cell treatment in Manhattan, yet CHOP is the closest specialized care. Bernadette is employed part-time, when she is able, as a teacher’s aide in the school district. She suffers from a skin condition, is diabetic, and takes medication for blood clots. Her medication requirements max out the family's annual copays. Unexpectedly, both the Volpe’s oil tank and water heater failed to work at the same time. Those expenses maxed out their credit cards. Life’s Angels was able to assist the Volpes with replacing their tank and heater, as well as expenses associated with the trips to CHOP for Carsyn.

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