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The O’Connell Family

Brenda was a nurse for seven years until she got a severe case of Covid. She became permanently disabled and has been receiving SSI. She has been on oxygen for at least a year with lung issues and receives infusions once a week. Michael is 15 with Downs Syndrome. Michael also needs a flow of oxygen. He stopped breathing on his own ten years ago. The O’Connells are behind on their electric bill, yet since Brenda and Michael need oxygen to survive, the electricity can’t be turned off. They are behind on their mortgage and have substantial credit card debt.

The family turned to Life’s Angels, not necessarily for them; they will work through their debt. Their request was for their daughter Samantha, a sophomore enrolled to become a special education teacher, who is the vice president of the student government and tutors nine students. Given the parents' poor credit history and credit score, they could not receive a student loan for room and board, and Samantha could not register for the spring semester. Life’s Angels satisfied the tuition bill with the school, and now Samatha can continue to Pay It Forward.

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