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Malley Family Update

Dear Life's Angels Board - We have a wonderful update from the Malley Family! We should all be very proud of the good work. This family & Mr. Malley never gave up & our support helped put wind beneath his wings. This is a true example of courage, grit and helping someone who never gave up. We look to do the same for this year's beneficiaries. Please read the update below. At the time of our event, Matt had been hospitalized for 5 months. He remained hospitalized for 10 months after our event. We should post this success story on our FB page & website!

As the avid sport enthusiasts, we are and in the spirit of the Winter Olympics...we’ll start with “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?”

It took 473 days but we finally did it...Matt is in acute rehab!! The next phase of our journey has begun as we continue to have faith in the positive progress ahead.

Matt was discharged and we said thank you as best we could to the wonderful people at North Shore Manhasset. They have worked tirelessly to help get Matt and our family to this point, caring for him as if he were their own. It was such a blessing to be cared for by them. This is how amazing they are...on the day we left, a day filled with countless emotions, many of them—doctors, nurses, support staff, administrators—lined the hall as the EMTs wheeled Matt out. There were many tears. The EMT commented “Matt, I’ve been transferring patients from this hospital for two decades and beside police and fire, I’ve never seen such a touching send off.” The people are our family for life!

It’s quite the adjustment and the days have and will be hard. Matt’s schedule is packed full of therapies...and he is quite tired at the end of the day. But it will all be worth it when he finally comes home again. We’ve met some amazing new people who’s concern and kindness and caring picks up right where we left off. Again, we are blessed to have such great people taking care of Matt.

We’ll share one more story with you, on Valentine’s Day we had our first family dinner—the four of us—in 15.5 months! With the help of the great staff, we organized and decorated and alcove off the dining room and the four of us said family grace and had a meal...together. It was precious! All of our moments now are just that ❤️.

Thank you for the continued support and thoughts and prayers! We will continue to update you on our journey. God bless you and your families!

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