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Allyson Bryant

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

2019 beneficiary Allison Bryant who has been courageously battling Multiple Sclerosis & Leukemia pictured at the 2019 Lifes Angel's Charity Event.

Allyson Bryant At age 6, Allyson was diagnosed with Leukemia and had multiple chemo treatments. Unfortunately, her immune system did not regenerate after the treatments.

Allyson is now 28 years old and lives alone, and cannot work given her condition. Her total income is limited to SSI, as well as Medicare/Medicaid and food stamps.

She is currently receiving chemo that causes her fatigue, bladder and muscle weakness, and dimming eyesight. Allyson does have a special car that she can drive with modified controls. However, given her limited income, she cannot afford the new tires that she needs, and she must very carefully budget between food, gas, and medication.

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