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Christine Beckford, Mother of Jerimiah

Christina is a 10-year New York City Police Department veteran and is a United States Navy Reservist. After training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Christina was deployed to the country of Djibouti in Africa for 10 months. Christina's autistic and non-verbal 3-year-old, Jerimiah, stayed with her 72-year-old mother. Jerimiah attends the Hagedorn Little Village School. During her training period, Christina's income was cut significantly due to the pay gap in her pay from the Navy versus the money she would be able to earn with her regular job. This pay gap has caused significant challenges for Christina's mother as she cares for Jerimiah, including struggling to pay for groceries, school expenses, and transportation. The Life's Angels grant will cover living expenses for Jerimiah and send him to an after-school and camp program.

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