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Kim Enoksen

After several months of not feeling well, Kim Enokson, a mother of two, went to the doctor to learn that her symptoms were due to thyroid cancer. Unable to deal with the situation, Kim’s husband left, filing for divorce, and taking the family savings. Unfortunately, Kim’s health problems escalated when she suffered a stroke. For the next 22 months, Kim worked to regain her health and her strength with both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. After that ordeal, Kim was once again able to rejoin the workforce. Since she had been out of work and going through a divorce, she accumulated a mountain of debt. Fortunately, Kim was able to move in with her mother for support. After learning about Kim’s run of bad luck, Life’s Angels is proud to say that we have been able to help Kim clear the mountain so she could concentrate on her health and her family.

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