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The Navarro Family

Life's Angels recently provided the Navarro Family with a grant to assist them with living and medical expenses.

Husband and Father, Paul, age 60, has been on disability for three years. Paul has diabetes, stage 3 kidney disease, heart disease, lost vision in his left eye, and early-stage dementia. He recently had emergency heart surgery. He spends his days mostly with doctor appointments and different therapies.

Karen was forced to stop working 17 years ago to take care of their kids. Karen has fibromyalgia & sarquoidis (lung disorder) for which she takes medication. Her days are spent taking care of her kids, doing laundry, given the kids numerous “accidents,” and driving Paul to his appointments.

Paul Jr. is 19 wheelchair-bound with spina bifida. He has had 80 surgeries, had a stroke after the last surgery, and still has increased bladder issues and memory loss. His next surgery is within the month. He graduated high school and started college but needed to disenroll due to his medical conditions.

Adriana is 12 years old and also wheelchair-bound with spina bifida. She has had 23 surgeries. She is in 7th grade and attends a special school.

They all live together in a two bedroom Section 8 apartment in Hempstead. Paul Jr. has his room. Paul Sr, Karen, and Adriana share the other bedroom. Medicaid takes care of most of the medical bills, but not all.

The grant they received will help them move into a 3-bedroom apartment and assist with their extensive medical bills.

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